Class and Workshop InformationMike

What to Expect

So you have signed up for a workshop or class at a local store or event where Angie is teaching. Here are some things to expect as well as a list of class supplies for each individual embroidery applique quilt project. (Angie may or may not be teaching all of these individual projects. Please check with the organization or individuals that are sponsoring the event)

  • You must have a working knowledge of your embroidery sewing machine and how to operate it with the embroidery module. Most dealerships offer mastery classes to get you acquainted with your embroidery machines functions and capabilities.
  • Each individual in the class must have a copy of the embroidery applique pattern that you will be learning in class. (Absolutely NO sharing)
  • Please have the embroidery designs that you will be using already loaded onto your embroidery machine or USB, Compact Flash Drive, or Laptop Computer. No time will be spent in class loading designs onto the embroidery machine. If you are unsure how to accomplish this, please contact the organization or individual who is sponsoring the event for assistance.
  • Please bring all of the items listed on the Class Supply lists. In addition you may want to bring things like a thread stand, sweater, reading glasses, cushion, etc. Whatever things that will make you comfortable when you are sewing.
  • It is best to wash your fabrics ahead of time. This way you will know how they will behave prior to using them in a finished project that may take you many hours to complete.
  • There is no need to cut your blocks ahead of time. How to cut your blocks and to what size for hooping will be covered in your class.
  • You should expect to get one or two blocks completed that will teach you the techniques and procedures to successful complete your project on your own, when you get home.
  • Most importantly bring a smile. Remember you are doing this because it is fun!

Class Supply Lists