Refund Policy

No Refunds

Retail Customers

Unfortunately, based on the type of merchandise that we offer there are no refunds or exchanges. Please be sure to check that the product you are purchasing is compatible with the embroidery sewing machine you are using to stitch out the embroidery designs. You can check that the embroidery designs are compatible with your embroidery sewing machine by using our Machine Compatibility tool.

If you purchased your product from one of our many retailers we suggest that you contact them directly as their return and exchange policies may differ from ours. Your local shops are quite knowledgeable and most are eager to assist you.

If you have questions or are experiencing difficulty in using one of our products we offer assistance through our Help Request Form. We need all of the information on the form so that we may best determine what issue you might be experiencing.

If your CD-ROM or USB drive is damaged in some way please contact the retailer where it was purchased. If they are unwilling or unable to help please fill out a Help Request Form and we will address the issue. If your CD-ROM or USB Drive is actually damaged we will send you a new CD-ROM or USB. Please be aware that our USB drives are media storage devices and are not guaranteed to work directly in every embroidery sewing machine. You can read more about this at USB Media Storage.

Wholesale Customers

All sales are final. We do not offer any consignment programs on our products other than those specifically designed to accompany events. We do not offer any exchange or return merchandise policy.